2nd International Summer School
on Nuclear Glass Wasteform:
Structure, Properties and Long-Term Behavior Wasteform

September 23 to 27, 2013 in the site of Pont du Gard (France)


Glass behavior in closed systems: thermal stability, radiation effect and mechanical properties.

Before groundwater comes into contact with the containment matrix, i.e. during the initial phase of deep geological storage, nuclear glass will be subjected only to the effects of internal irradiation (resulting from minor actinides and fission products) and to the thermal history of the waste package. The radiation can be varied (depositing elastic or inelastic energy) and lead to the accumulation of gas (He, O2) in the glass matrix.In addition, the changes resulting from internal irradiation can affect the thermodynamic and mechanical properties of the glass.
This session will highlight the current state of knowledge of the behavior of actual nuclear glasses in a closed system. The fundamentals of several important concepts relevant to this theme will be covered in a general review, and more targeted presentations will shed light on recent findings.
Finally, some presentations will open the discussion to more fundamental issues, in particular irradiation stresses that are not representative of disposal conditions but which can nevertheless provide interesting insights on the mechanisms of glass structural reorganization following the energy deposition phase.

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