2nd International Summer School
on Nuclear Glass Wasteform:
Structure, Properties and Long-Term Behavior Wasteform

September 23 to 27, 2013 in the site of Pont du Gard (France)


Glass melt properties

The physical properties of molten glass are of primary importance in controlling vitrification processes. They are decisive for the operation of the vitrification process itself (glass reactivity, pouring, heating, etc.) and for the final glass characteristics (homogeneity).
This session will provide a comprehensive overview of molten glass physical properties that must be controlled to ensure vitrification of nuclear waste, and of the academic knowledge available on this subject.The high temperatures and the large number of chemical elements in these liquids make them difficult to characterize. Innovative experimental setups have therefore been developed for physical measurements of glass at high temperatures. Some of the most remarkable of these will be shown during this session. They enrich our knowledge with new data potentially useful for fostering progress in nuclear waste vitrification.
Faced with this complexity, predictive models of glass properties have been developed to formulate nuclear waste containment glasses. These aspects will be discussed in a special presentation.

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