2nd International Summer School
on Nuclear Glass Wasteform:
Structure, Properties and Long-Term Behavior Wasteform

September 23 to 27, 2013 in the site of Pont du Gard (France)


Vitreous state: from structure to properties

The chemical composition of glass matrices for conditioning nuclear waste can vary widely depending on the nature of the waste, which has a significant effect on their structural, physical and chemical properties, mechanical properties, chemical durability, etc. A detailed understanding of these phenomena is increasingly possible through spectroscopic and numerical approaches.
This session will describe these approaches by reviewing the progress of knowledge in recent decades, and describing the latest developments made possible by advanced spectroscopic techniques (NMR, Raman, X ray and neutron diffraction and scattering, etc.) and their interpretation by the modeling methods currently available (ab initio and classical molecular dynamics, reverse Monte Carlo, topological descriptions of the glass network).
It will also be shown how increasingly precise knowledge of the glass structural characteristics clarifies the correlations between chemical composition, structure, and physical and chemical properties.

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